Gynecomastia (Enlarged Breasts in Men)



In the vast majority, there is no organic endocrine abnormality. Gynecomastia may be due to excessive localized fat, the swelling of the mammary gland or a combination of both (most common).

Types of Surgeries:
• In the case of excessive localized fat, it is performed only liposuction with two small incisions of 2  
  mm. in diameter and with special cannulas (70% of the cases).
• In combination of excessive localized fat with swelling of mammary gland, liposuction is performed 
  first and then the surgeon makes a small incision around the areola where the excess gland is 
  removed (25% of the cases).
• In the swelling of the mammary gland in very thin people, it is performed only peripapillary     
   incision (5% of the cases).
If it is necessary to be performed a breast lift surgery due to the large sagging or reduction of the areola’s size then it’s performed peripapillary mastopexy (an incision that is made only around the areola).

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for Gynecomastia Surgery?
It is usually performed under local anesthesia in combination with sedation.

How Long Will The Patient Need to Stay in the Hospital After a Gynecomastia Surgery?
The patient usually returns home in 3 hours after surgery.

Is There Postoperative Pain After a Gynecomastia Surgery?
No, there isn’t any pain but only a sense of numbness and stretching (pulling) as after an intense muscle strain.

Are There Used Any Postoperative Bandages?
Only two small waterproof strips on the incisions. The patient wears a special compressive vest for a month.

Are There Any Sutures After Gynecomastia Surgery?
Yes, but the sutures are all absorbable.

When Will The Patient Be Able to Take a Shower?
From the next day after surgery.

Is There Swelling-Bruising After a Gynecomastia Surgery?
There is not a significant swelling; the bruises subside in about a week and the sense of numbness in 2-3 weeks.

When Will The Patient Be Able to Return to Work - Everyday Activities?
He can return to work one day after surgery.

When May The Patient Resume Physical Activities?
The patient can start doing aerobics in 1 month after surgery.

How Long Does It Take To See Final Results After Gynecomastia Surgery?
Although the results are impressive immediately after the surgery, swelling and skin tightening take about 6- 8 months.