Breast Reduction

Liposuction (Reduction Mammoplasty)
Breast reduction surgery is aimed at decreasing breast size and, at the same time it can be combined with a breast lift surgery. The surgeon makes a T-shaped incision under the areole (in the form of inverted anchor).

What Type of Anesthesia is Used for a Breast Reduction?
A breast reduction procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia.

How Long Will The Patient Need to Stay in the Hospital After Breast Reduction?
The patient must stay in the hospital for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Are There Any Postoperative Bandages?
No. There are waterproof pads along the incisions which are removed in one week after the surgery and the patient has to wear a sports bra immediately after surgery.

Are There Any Drainage Tubes After a Breast Reduction?
No. We never use drainage tubes.

What Are The Postoperative Care Instructions After Breast Reduction?
Oral administration of antibiotics for a week as well as light pain medications for the first 2 days after surgery.

Is There Postoperative Pain After a Breast Reduction?
No, there isn’t any intense pain but only a slight burning sensation that subsides in the first 24 hours after surgery with the administration of pain medications. Most of the patients stop taking pain medications after the first 24 hours following surgery.

When May The Patient Resume Physical Activities?
Aerobics (jogging) is allowed after 1.5 months following breast lift surgery. It is recommended to avoid weight lifting and hyperextension of hands in the first few weeks after surgery while walking is freely allowed. Driving is permitted after a week following surgery.

When Will The Patient Be Able to Return to Work - Everyday Activities?
Usually, in 2 days after surgery. In case of manual work, the patient can return to work after 10 days.

When Are Sutures Removed?
The sutures are not removed because they are all absorbable. In rare cases, periareolar sutures (around the nipple) are removed 2 weeks after surgery.

 Will The Patient Need Blood Transfusion?
There were no cases when blood transfusion was necessary.

How Long Does It Take To See Final Results After a Breast Reduction Surgery?
The final results of a breast reduction will appear over the next 3-6 months as breast shape and position continue to settle. The scars are initially red and hard and are gradually improved up to a year, however they don’t disappear completely.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After a Breast Reduction Surgery?
Yes, of course. With the technique that we apply the patient is able to breastfeed normally.

What Are The Most Common Complications After a Breast Reduction Surgery?
1. Hematoma. If the collection of blood is large, it may be required drainage in operating room i.e. to put a tube in the breast to drain the blood. (0% in our patients).
2. Problem with nipples sensitivity, connected with trauma of nerve, responsible for sensitivity in the area of areole. The technique, that we use, allows us to avoid this complication even during gigantomastia (or macromastia) correction, when more than 2 kilos of tissue were removed, without losing nipple sensitivity.
3. Nipple necrosis (0% in our patients).
4. Wound Separation (Dehiscence). During the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery, a slight wound separation may appear, where the incisions come together (horizontal and vertical). This separation disappears by itself within 1-2 weeks (2% in our patients).